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Written by Ivan Sutton

It doesn’t take a Christian long to discover our purpose in life.

I was on my most recent road trip to Calgary.  There is nothing better for me than to be traveling in my car through Canada or the USA.  The weather was excellent.  Spring has ended but up until this weekend, summer had not arrived.  It seemed that overnight the green grass became vivid and the trees were full of leaves and flowering.  The sky was blue.  The people I met when on the way were friendly and an optimistic feeling was in the air.

While driving my mind would think on God’s mercy and how he must love us.  That even after thousands of years of sin, there remains such beauty all around us.  How much more amazing must it have been in the days of Eden.  Can we even imagine what a perfect world was like.  How hard it is for me to imagine this world without the death and decay that we have gotten so used to.  But even with sin, God’s love shows through in everything that surrounds us.

I think also of what a new heaven and a new earth will look like.  Will it be new replica of what the earth was like after the 6 days of creation?  Or will it be something completely new?  And what does grass, trees, rivers and streams look like in a world where nothing dies?

Then it struck me.  The purpose to living in a sinful world is to accept Jesus and the salvation from this world of sin and be counted in the resurrection of life.  To be a part of the saved that will live in this new world for ever.  We only live here for 70 years or so and we die.  I would rather spend eternity alive.  The fact that Jesus cared enough to die for me so that I can simply accept his offer of life eternal makes Jesus my most important friend.  Jesus didn’t want to die for my sins.  The story of Gethsemane tells us that Jesus prayed that the didn’t have to go to the cross. Yet knowing what He would endure he went to the cross so that I could live.  He did that for me.  All I have to to is accept his gift of love and sin no more.

To know God is to love God.  To know of God’s love for us is to want to demonstrate our love for God.  There are times, even while traveling at 70mph in North Dakota heading toward the Canadian border that I get quite overwhelmed at the lengths that God would take to save me.  To know that God knows me and the things I have done and said and thought and still loves me and strives against the forces of darkness to draw me to him daily.  To know how God forgives my sins when I bring them to Him and ask for his forgiveness.  knowing that he wants me to be perfect and through the forgiveness of my sins through Jesus I am made perfect.  I am overwhelmed.  I know that if God desires me to be saved, a sinner of enormous proportions, then He must want everyone on this planet to be saved also.

I conclude, there is no greater purpose in life than to hate sin, turn to God, seek forgiveness, accept Jesus as your savoir and lord and share with every human being that will listen the power of God to save and change lives.  There are only on average 70 years here on this planet.  Why be lost for eternity when God has a plan and he wants you to be part of it.  We all know there is something not right with this planet and there is something unsustainable with our politics, immorality and human behavior.  We know Jesus says that if we love him we must keep His commandments.  But if we love our fellow man, our families, our friends, our teachers, the bus driver, our partners, whoever it may be, we must share with them the everlasting truth about God’s love and saving power of forgiveness through Jesus.

On the other side, I pray to be there.  I am curious by nature and would love to explore the new earth and new heavens for ever.  I would like my family and every person that I know to be there.  This is why we are here. This is our only purpose.  To share God with the world and pray always for others that they will know God and seek Him in everything we do.

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