Thank you for browsing this site.  I believe that studying the Bible and seriously looking at what the Bible has to say to us is the most important pursuit for anyone.  Of course we must work and look after our families and have recreation.  But our operating system should be a God focused, righteousness seeking, Jesus following life.  On this foundation or operating system, we can run what ever program we want, marriage, work, entertainment.  As long as what we do is in submission to the God centered operating system.

In this, there will be programs you just won’t run because they are just not compatible.  But that is ok. There are those whose operating system is worldly where God centerdness and righteousness seeking and Jesus following won’t run.

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I welcome your feedback.  I may use your feedback in an upcoming post.  If you do not wish to have your feedback used, just mention that in your message.  God Bless!