Healthy Eating

I always thought of myself as special. Growing up, I felt that I was different. Set apart from others because of my faith, and my ability to research ways to cure myself. My diet was meat rich.  And how I loved steak, shrimp, chicken and lamb.  I looked forward to steak in the morning with eggs smothered in cheese and bacon, with a side of pancakes and a large coffee. I would consume 3 or 4 coffees each day and a case of coke.  A fast food lunch was all my busy schedule would allow and a meat centred dinner would be the norm.  To round out my day, sour cream and onion potato chips, popcorn and chocolates while watching television before going to sleep. I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and drank often.  I had no drinking problem because I had no problem drinking.

As I got older, I started having the aches and pains that other people that I thought weren’t as special had.  It seemed that at 40, everything changed and I started falling apart.  The glue that held everything in place and kept everything working perfectly started to loose its stick.

On my way back from a road trip to Calgary, Alberta in 2011 I listened to a seminar by Leo Schreven that brought a Biblical health message to light.  In some ways it was a radical change from my day-to-day diet however it made sense.  At the end of that road trip I quit smoking and drinking alcohol and made a few other adjustments.

I still have a long way to go as I try to eliminate meat from my diet.  You can imagine how difficult that will be.  However, eliminating milk and practically eliminating cheese from my diet was easier than I thought.

What this is all about:

Whenever I find a great recipe or information related to diet that follows Biblical principles I will attach here.  For those looking for great ways to live healthier, I hope this section is helpful.

This vegetarian delight is the pride of the Middle East. It is frequently found in restaurants and delicatessens in the Middle East and now in North America.  Click here for this recipe.

Artichoke Wraps
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