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I enjoy listening to sermons in the car.  But it is hard sometime to search out new sermons while travelling.  So I hope you discover and appreciate this sermon as I did.   Discipline.   I was audioverseexpecting something different; like perhaps a lecture in becoming more organized or temperate.  I felt this morning that I needed a talking to.  So even before I fired up the car I found this on
AudioVerse and as I traveled from Hamilton to Toronto I listened to this surprising and well delivered sermon that although it did not lecture me on discipline, it is certainly an excellent sermon suggestion from me to you.

Discipline: By Kameron DeVasher

I also of course recommend for other relevant sermons.  Although most are audio sermons, many are video also.   But if you are looking to have in your audio library, excellent sermons for your daily commute, or for simple a once-in-awhile thought adjustment, I recommend Audio Verse at

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