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Who Is The King Of The North – King Of The South

king of the north king of the south
Written by Ivan Sutton

The following is an adapted excerpt of Pastor Myers’ presentation on the two kings of Daniel 11 at Village SDA Church near the Andrews campus in Michigan. You may also click to watch a thoughtful reflection on Daniel 11 and Satan’s Plan For the Adventist Church.

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I’m gonna let you know that my focus is not going to be so much on the verses prior to Daniel 11, verse 40. I will be focusing on Daniel 11:40 and onward. I do just wanna mention a few things. First of all, I believe that our prophecies should be verified, verifiable in more ways than one. Daniel chapter 2, we can verify it in Revelation. Daniel chapter 7, we can verify it in Book of Revelation. Daniel chapter 8, Daniel Chapter 9. The major prophecies of the bible in the book of Daniel are verified in the book of Revelation.

I believe that the correct understanding 11:40-45 should be in the Book of Revelation. If it’s not, then we really have nothing to verify our conclusions, and we’re just guessing. I would suggest that verses 40 to 45 can be verified in the Book of Revelation. We know that Daniel 11, verse 40, the time of the end, we can verify that in the Book of Revelation. We know that Daniel chapter 12, verses 1 and 2, Michael standing up equals the close of probation. We can verify that in the Book of Revelation. It would seem strange that the verses in between, which are major themes, would not be found in the book of Revelation.

Having said that, let’s go ahead. I’m gonna share this. I believe that the papacy is introduced in verse 22, or rather verse 23, where the Bible speaks of the small power, or small people that grow into a greater power. I believe that parallels, the little horn of Daniel, chapter 7. It’s interesting that verse 22 is the crucifixion of Christ, by the Roman power, and then in verse 23 is the papacy. It would actually parallel, Daniel Chapter 2, where you have pagan Rome and Papal Rome, almost as if it’s one power. Toes of iron and clay.

In Daniel 7, you have the little horn mingled with the 10 toes, and then in Daniel 8, you have one symbol, the little horn, representing both pagan and papal Rome. It would make sense that Daniel 22, being the crucifixion of Christ, that verse 23, you immediately have this small people. By the way, remember that Paul said that it was after his departure that this antiChrist power would begin to come upon the scene. So it came upon the scene very early, in the early church or at the time of the early church.

I will also say that I believe that if the king of the north is the papacy in verse 23, then really, we have no other—and I’m not, you know again this is my understanding. I believe that verse 25, who of the papacy have been warring against during this, during their reign of 1260 years. I see, Islam fulfilling that role. I believe that this power, Islam is actually verified in the book of Revelation under the fifth and sixth trumpet.

It’s interesting that one of the things that’s said about these two powers is that they will speak likes at one table. If you look at the identity of the fifth and sixth trumpet, under one of those trumpets, it says that the scorpions, their power is in their tail. You know how we traditionally explain that power in their tail thing, right? Uriah Smith says it uses the quote or the Bible verse which says, “The prophet is the tail or, the prophet is the head that speaketh …” Um anyone know the verse? Is it Isaiah? Yeah. The prophet that speaketh lies is the tail, right?


So let me tell you who I believe to be the king of the north and the king of the south in these final verses. First of all, let me share this. I believe the literal history of Babylon parallels the events of Daniel 11, verses 40 to 45. Let me see if I can do this quickly. So how many of you knew that Nebuchadnezzar was actually called the king of the north? Did you know that?

Nebuchadnezzar is called a king of the north and I’m going to read it here, Ezekiel 26, verse 7, “For thus say the Lord God. Behold I will bring upon Tyre, Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon, a king of kings,” notice that title. Who only does that title belong to? Jesus. “A king of kings from the north, with horses and with chariots,” oh man. Wait a minute. What? With what? With horses and chariots? As soon as you read that, as soon as you see that, you should be saying to yourself, wait a minute. So is God trying to tell us here that the history of literal Babylon will have some information for us on the identity of this spiritual Babylon at the end of time?

So by the time we get to Daniel chapter 1, Nebuchadnezzar has just defeated what nation? Egypt. You want to know why? Egypt has pushed against Babylon on behalf of Israel. So catch this. The king of the south pushes against the king of the north.

What happens is that the king of the north pushes back against the king of the south and defeats the king of the south. Once he defeats the king of the south, his attention is turned to Jerusalem, the Holy Land. He gets to Jerusalem and he basically captures Jerusalem, which brings us to Daniel chapter 1. Jerusalem, the Jews are captured by Babylon.

In Daniel chapter 2, Nebuchadnezzar hears troubling news. In fact, the Bible tells us that he has this dream and the dream what? Troubled him. And when he wakes from the dream, we know that Daniel and Shadrach or Daniel comes and explains the dream, and what do you think it is that troubled Nebuchadnezzar? He heard tidings that his kingdom was going to fall. Who did his kingdom fall to? The Medes and the Persians. Anyone want to tell me where the Medes and the Persians were located in terms of Babylon? They were from the north and the east.

Tidings from the north and the east troubled the king of Babylon. Who was the leader from the north and the east? Cyrus. Which is a type of who? Jesus. Who dries up the deep in order to overthrow Babylon? Cyrus. So what we have just seen is that the literal history of Babylon gives us insight into Daniel 11, verses 40 to 45.

So now, so now, we’re going to do this. We just need to find out one thing really quickly, and that is who is the king of the north. I’m going to read this to you again, because remember, we just saw that Nebuchadnezzar, literal Nebuchadnezzar, king of national Babylon, was described as a king of kings, a king from the north. Now the Bible says that the king of the north, when he comes, he’s going to push against or he’s going to come like an overwhelming power upon the king of the south.

Now let me say this. I believe the king of the south is atheism in 1798. You say, “Pastor, wait a minute. How’d you just switch?” Okay listen. What was the issue with atheism? What were they against? They were anti-two witnesses. Yeah? They were against the word of God. Egypt itself what not an atheistic nation because remember they worshiped other gods. As long as it wasn’t the God of the Bible. So you know what that tells me? That tells me that the king of the south is any entity that is anti-two witnesses.

So what does that mean? That includes atheism. It includes agnosticism. It includes humanism. It includes Buddhism. It includes Hinduism. It includes every religion and non-religion out there that is anti-two witnesses. In other words, the king of the south encompasses everyone that is not part of the king of the north, except God’s church.


You got to catch this because the Bible says that the king of the north will come like a whirlwind against the king of the south. So we just saw this morning, who is it that comes like a whirlwind when he comes? Jesus, the Bible tells us that he comes like a whirlwind, with horses, with fire. So think about this.

We saw the name Michael is a name used when Jesus is going up personally against Satan himself. I’m suggesting to you that in Daniel 11, verse 40, the king of the north is not just the papacy. It is not just apostate Protestantism.

The king of the north is Satan himself.

When Satan appears and that three-fold union is complete then the deadly wound is healed. Then the world wonders after the beast. See we try to say, “Oh the world is wondering after the beast” right now. No, radical Islam is not wondering after the beast. Atheists are not wondering after the beast.

It is only when the three-fold union occurs that the world will wonder. That’s when the deadly wound is healed. If the world is not wondering, we know the deadly wound cannot be healed. Three things that the king of the north comes with in Daniel 11, verse 40. He comes with chariots, with what? Chariots and horses and ships and he comes like a whirlwind. If you search the whirlwind in the Bible, you will see that it is almost exclusively used with the appearance of God.

Chariots. What kind of power is that?

Land power.

Chariots. What kind of power is that?

Sea power.


Air power.

Let me ask you something. Does the Bible tell us that there’s going to be three-fold union between a beast from the earth, a beast from the sea and the prince of the power of air? What we’re reading in Daniel 11, verse 40 is the union of those three unclean spirits, dragon, beast, false prophet. Beast from the earth, beast from the sea and the dragon himself. When that union happens, that is the only thing that can defeat atheism, Islam, and anything else that is anti-two witnesses. 

The only thing that will win over Islam, atheism, agnosticism and all these other isms is when Satan himself appears and says, “See, my people were right.” As I said earlier, it would take a miracle to bring the world together, so when you’re reading in Daniel 11, verse 40, that this king of the north is able to sweep through all of these entities, it’s like he’s sweeping through the whole world and everyone is just bowing at his feet. The reason is because I believe this is what Ellen White describes as the overmastering delusion.

By the way, if you study the seven kings of Revelation 17, the other who is not yet come, and when he comes all the world wonders, that’s the one. The pope is to Satan what John the Baptist was to Jesus. Our eyes are on the pope. “You saw what the pope did yesterday?” You get what I’m saying? The pope is to Satan what John the Baptist was to Jesus. He only prepares the way. He is not the one.

So when the king of the north comes, this is not, this is not excluding the papacy or apostate Protestantism. It is actually a merger. So watch this. The king of the north and king of the south, in verses 1 to verse 22, are strictly political. But when we get to verse 23 and onward, the king of the north and king of the south are now religio-political. 

I’ve got another study where I show that God brought Islam upon the scene to help the Protestant Reformation survive. So, okay. Papacy, you’re going to use your religio-political power to persecute my people. I’m going to bring a religio-political power to deal with you, and give my people time to continue the Reformation.

Now at Daniel 11 verse 40, what you have now is a merger of dragon, beast, false prophet for king of the north and a merger of all anti-two witness groups around the globe. 

So let me share something else.

In Daniel 2 we see a stone cut out without hands smites this image, not on the head, not on the chest, not on the legs but on the toes of iron and clay. Man, what did the toes of iron and clay do? What was God so mad about?

In Daniel 7, we get to know a little bit more about this man. Hey this man, he looks kind of, he has gold, silver, but wait a minute. On the inside he’s kind of like crooked. It’s the same man of Daniel 2. In Daniel 7, we get to learn a little bit more about that man. Oh, yeah, this man, whoa, he is rebelling against God and he’s thinking to change times and laws. He’s exulting himself against the prince of the covenant.

In Daniel 11, we see the inner workings of the man of Daniel 2. Recall that God looks upon the heart—the inner workings. You know what the inner workings of this statue, this man, are? Listen carefully. A kingdom divided against itself shall not stand. Why doesn’t the image in Daniel 2 stand? Because the kingdom is divided against itself.

Listen, guys. If the king of the south is really atheism and all these other isms, who really heads up atheism? Who really heads up the other isms?

Yeah, check this out.

Do you know that atheism came out of the abyss, just like the fifth and sixth woe? They both come out of the same place. The fifth and sixth woe. Islam, they have a king over them called Apollyon. We understand Apollyon to be who? Satan.

So wait a minute. Pastor, what are you saying? Here’s what I’m saying beloved.


Wait, what? Yes! He’s playing the world. He’s saying, okay, I can’t get you to be spiritual. I’m going to tell you God doesn’t exist. Atheism, yay! French Revolution, you know human rights and we don’t want God in the picture and socialism and yeah, yeah, yeah. All these things while on the right, he’s saying, oh yeah. Okay, I can get you to leave. No I’m God. No, no, no, no, no. Not that. I’m God.

And so beloved, what happens is that when you are reading Daniel 11, all you’re reading is what the world would be like if Satan ran it. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Now remember, the king of the north and the king of the south are really against God’s people. At the end of time, the king of the south merges with the king of the north, because a miracle is what it takes to bring them together. Seeing is believing. When they see Satan impersonate Christ, they will believe. 

Now in the meantime, guess what Satan’s doing? He is actually attempting to infiltrate God’s church with the spirit of the king of the north and the spirit of the king of the south.

Did you catch that?

So now what we have happening is the spirit of the world enter the church. You’re seeing this polarization within our church and what I believe is that Satan is trying to weaken our church through these principles of liberalism and conservatism in the name of God. That is not true conservatism.

Weakening the church so that when he makes his final attack, a kingdom divided against itself will not stand, but we know that will fail because Michael will come to deliver his people.

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