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Juice Fast for Better Health and Self Awareness

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Written by Ivan Sutton

I read online about doing a juice fast and I was immediately intrigued.  The reported benefits, more energy, deeper spiritual connection, overcoming personal blockages, weight loss and healthier body, had a great attraction to me.  I am not sure what type of fast Moses did on the mountain or that Jesus did in the wilderness.   It was probably not juicing, but I would say that juicing is a radical departure from my regular day-to-day diet.

A usual day for me starts with a large home made mocca latter using almond milk for health of course, and Harvest Crunch cereal topped with fruit and blueberry yogurt.  Then on the side I would have a buttered freshly baked store bought and an apple.  I would usually not eat again until supper which would be a large meal, more bread and dessert.   This is the meal plan that has seen my weight increase steadily like the stock market over the past 10 years.

At 258lbs, I realized that I was Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  Something had to be done.  So with very little preparation I started my juice fast on Monday January 30th, 2017.

The first two days my head was a bit foggy and I was tired most of the day.  From day 3 to day 7 was quite excellent with new mental clarity and energy.   The end of the day 7 I started taking a multi vitamin because I found I was having muscle spasms a bit and realized I must be missing something.   Not taking any chances, I will continue to take Centrum multi-vitamins.  The spasms stopped after taking them.

The surprising thing is that my friends have asked a lot about this fast.   A client of mine and her husband decided to start the fast together so on my day 8, they started their day 1 of a fast.

I am hoping to continue the fast for 40 days.  The way I feel now, I see no reason why I wont make the 40 days.  No reason except my wife is not doing the fast with me.  Having a newborn and breastfeeding makes it unwise.  When she makes dinner for herself and the smell of spices and my favorite meals wafts through the air, and the thought of having a hot meal fills my mind, I start thinking that maybe a ten day fast is admirable.

I believe that the spiritual benefits wont start until after 10 days.  So I will persist.

Many have asked me to post some recipes of juices I make.   I will do this and tag them under Juice Fast.  But below I will post one that I have often:

Fast Staple

1 Carrot
1 Potato
2 Apples
1 cup Purple Cabbage

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