Temptation – Week Three

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Written by Ivan Sutton

It is a blessed coincidence that I am taking this time to avoid secular media while my wife and I are reading the book Christ’s Way To Pray by Philip G. Samaan.  I have included the link on the book image below.

New CoverIt seems that it took the first two weeks to remove enough of the noise and ambient confusion that existed in my day-to-day life that the beneficiary is my prayer life.  This is helped by this book, “Christ’s Way To Pray”.  It has been such a blessing to me as it gives me a better understanding of prayer and what happens when we pray. It also helps me to understand why it is important to allow my mind the peace and freedom from worldly distractions so that my prayers are fuller.  I suppose that this is an endorsement of this book.

This week has been more peaceful even though things have been stressful at times.  It is no longer hard to know what to do  during times I would normally watch a television show or a movie.  I am more productive in my work and in my prayer and study life.

As I venture into the final week of this journey, I am sure that I will enjoy a tv show in the future.  But from here, some of what I have been watching seems a tad strange.  I do look forward to another week of this.

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