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My Raw Food Experiment – Day 6

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Written by Ivan Sutton



The idea of going raw, even for a day seemed unimaginable a month ago.  And if you read the first post that I did on day 3 of the experiment you would have an idea of what motivated me to do this.  Tonight, at dinner, Theresa my wife was commenting on how flavorful the food we are eating is.

I would never have thought that raw food would taste as full or as diverse, or as powerful in some cases as the food we have made has tasted.  And since I have been asked to document what I am eating, I will do just that.  I appreciate the notes of encouragement.  What is the most interesting is what seems very sincere serious questions about what my experience has been so far in doing this experiment.  A raw food plant-based diet has gotten a lot of attention lately in the media, on social media and on television, but still it has peaked the curiosity of those that know about this and has led to questions ranging from “what do you eat?”, “Are you starving?” and “Are you spending a lot of time in the bathroom?”

This is day six.  Day 4 was awesome.  It seemed that days 1-3 flew by so we decided that we would do only a water-fast on day 5.

Here is another thing I thought I would never do, simply because I thought I would not survive it.  Just water? I knew I could probably get through the day ok, but suppertime with just water..  But it was ok.  I woke early, did morning worship and even worked on 25 minutes on the treadmill.  Hunger came at me in waves, sometimes ferociously.  It didn’t make logical sense to me because it wasn’t that the longer I went without food the hungrier I became.  It was random.  I found that before bed I was the least hungry and had the most energy.

Today we decided to do a morning fresh juice smoothie and a lunch smoothie and nothing else.

Supper took about 30 minutes for us to prepare.  I must say I love preparing these meals.  Maybe if I did this all the time over decades I would not like it so much, but finding the recipes, setting out the fresh ingredients, the smells are powerful, making my body anticipate the meal to come.  Theresa made Raw Marinated Portobello Cashew Cheese Burgers.  Yum!

I made Raw Marinated Portobello Mushroomes with Spicy Nut and Seed Crumble.  The mushrooms were my recipe but the nut and seed crumble recipe can be found here.  This was truly an amazing and tasty dish.

Lastly I made lettuce wraps with tomatoes and freshly made guacamole.  The guacamole recipe can be found here.

So in the last 6 days I have lost 10 pounds and feel much clearer and have lots of energy.  I recommend a raw food plant based diet to anyone even if only for a few days.  It will surprise you when you rediscover the actual taste of vegetables and fruit, uncooked, unheated, unprocessed.

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