Temptation – Week Two

I look back to last week fondly as I think of how easy it was to avoid secular programs including television and movies.  It was a good week.  This is what motivated me to do deep in week two in striving to break down the strongholds on sin in my life by avoiding even Christian entertainment including sermons, Christian themed movies etc.

This is where things got hard.  Now I didn’t expect that I would head out on this journey without the enemy throwing some headwinds at me.  And the headwinds came in the most unusual ways.  I found that I was tempted in all the old temptations more than ever.  It was relentless.  I also found that things for me got much busier this week and therefore I was unable to do morning worship on two mornings which is a first in a long time.

I also found that I did not watch television or movies but the posts on social media became much more appealing and I spent more time viewing Facebook posts.  And of course, Facebook made it so that these videos will now automatically load and play without me hitting the play button.

I cannot even count this past week as a success.  Sure I did not watch television or my favorite tv shows.  Sure I did not watch secular movies.  But I still watched Christian themed movies (Some were excellent) and the never ending stream of online content.

Is it possible to avoid social media for a week?  Is it?

This is the goal of the next week.  To avoid all entertainment for one week, including social media.


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